Illinois Adoption Attorney

Uncontested Adoption (for Minor Children)

Making your family whole is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have.  Adopting a child can provide you with certain legal rights as it relates to that individual that guardianship does not guarantee.  Uncontested adoption occurs when one parent or both parents, voluntarily relinquish their rights to another individual or couple.  Throughout the adoption process, our team aids you in completing the adoption procedure so that you can let go of stress and focus on family.  

Adult Adoption

We have helped many of our clients’ complete their families through the Adult Adoption process. Similar to Uncontested Adoption for minor children, Adult Adoption is handled through the court system and consists of a variety of procedures. During this process, we ensure that your family has the information you need to successfully complete the adoption and welcome the newest member of your family.

Contested Adoption

While adoption can be a joyful matter, there are times when one parent opposes the adoption process. These matters can be messy and emotionally driven, thus leading to unnecessary stress and litigation. When facing a Contested Adoption matter, it is important to have an attorney that advocates for you and gets your voice heard in the courtroom. We understand the complexities and emotional burden a Contested Adoption can cause and are ready to provide you and your family with the necessary support to navigate through this procedure.

Finding an Alternative to Litigation

With any matter involving a minor child, emotions on both sides of the case can run high, which often results in unnecessary litigation. When it comes to our clients, we try to focus first on resolving the disputes between the parties prior to involving the Court. The result is that our clients are able to walk away from a case with a satisfactory result without engaging in heated, and litigious fighting.

When You Need an Advocate in the Courtroom​

While it is always ideal to resolve cases without unnecessary litigation, it is not always possible. We often see clients struggling against an opposing party, who would rather fight in court than amicably resolve the issues. When negotiations fail, our team is ready to head into court and advocate for our clients. One of the most important aspects of our representation is that we strive to get our clients’ voices heard in the courtroom.

A Law Firm That Listens

When you become a client, you are not just getting an attorney, you are getting an entire team that is devoted to working on your case. From our staff that answers your calls 24/7 to our Legal Assistant and Paralegal team, we are there to answer your questions and get you the information you need. Additionally, as a client, you have access to our Client Portal and Law Firm App, which gives you access to your documents 24/7. Choosing The Diggs Law Firm means choosing a law firm that listens.