Illinois Divorce Attorney

Divorce Proceedings

Divorce, also called a Dissolution of Marriage, is the process of ending a contractual relationship between spouses. Part of this procedure includes dividing the property owned by both parties. Real Estate, Bank Accounts, Pensions, and other marital property may be subject to division. In some cases, one spouse may be ordered to pay spousal support or alimony/maintenance to the other. In instances where children are involved, an agreement or Court Order may be entered allocating parenting time and responsibilities between the parties.

Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested Divorce means that both parties agree on all issues that would allow for the dissolution of marriage, meaning that the parties agree on the division of assets, the allocation of parenting time and responsibilities, and agree to waive or pay maintenance. These cases tend to resolve faster than matters that are contested. As such, the Court’s involvement in an Uncontested Divorce may be minimal. The result is that uncontested divorces tend to be more affordable for both parties but require the full cooperation and agreement of both parties in order to be successful.

Contested Divorce

Contested Divorce is more common and means the parties are not in agreement on either some or all of the issues. In contested matters, the Court will hear the disputed issues and assist the parties in resolving those matters. The Court may also order the parties to attend mediation, in order to resolve these matters more efficiently without litigation. Our firm specializes in Contested Divorce matters. We work with each client to try and resolve the issues amicably or work to ensure that our client’s voice is heard in the courtroom.

Finding An Alternative To Litigation

Divorce matters can be intense and emotions on both sides of the case can run high, which often results in unnecessary litigation. When it comes to our clients, we try to focus first on resolving the disputes between the parties prior to involving the Court. The result is that our clients are able to walk away from a case with a satisfactory result without engaging in heated, and litigious fighting.

When You Need An Advocate In The Courtroom

While it is always ideal to resolve cases without unnecessary litigation, it is not always possible. We often see clients struggling against an opposing party, who would rather fight in court than amicably resolve the issues. When negotiations fail, our team is ready to head into court and advocate for our clients. One of the most important aspects of our representation is that we strive to get our clients’ voices heard in the courtroom.

A Law Firm That Listens

When you become a client, you are not just getting an attorney, you are getting an entire team that is devoted to working on your case. From our staff that answers your calls 24/7 to our Legal Assistant and Paralegal team, we are there to answer your questions and get you the information you need. Additionally, as a client, you have access to our Client Portal and Law Firm App, which gives you access to your documents 24/7. Choosing The Diggs Law Firm means choosing a law firm that listens.