Litigation Services

If you are the Plaintiff or Defendant, litigation can be a stressful event. Our firm focuses on resolving these contested matters at the state level in Illinois. Whether your issue involves a breach of contract from a business deal or an issue involving a newly purchased home, knowing the time limits for these actions and what your options are is key.

Having the right legal support can help you evaluate your case and determine what steps are in your best interest. An attorney will be in the best position to guide you through the Court’s procedures and protocols as it relates to filing a complaint, answering a complaint and understanding the law. Further, an attorney will be able to determine if your case falls within the statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit.

If you have yet to file a case, it is important to remember that lawsuits are expensive and there may be other options available to you such as mediation or arbitration.

If you are considering a lawsuit or if you have been served with a lawsuit, contact our office today to learn more about your options: 312-380-1070.