Probate Practice Areas

Decedent Estates

When a loved one dies there is a legal process for handling their estate. We call this process “probate”. The process of probating an estate can be confusing. Knowing what needs to be filed and how to distribute assets can be complicated. Figuring out what assets a person had, handling their will, preparing inventories, and locating beneficiaries are all part of the probate process. Whether your loved one died with a will or without, finding the right legal help to assist with the procedure is vital.

Adult Guardianship

For some of our loved ones, there comes a point where that person is no longer able to make decisions for themselves or their finances. Having a relative step in to help is part of the guardianship process. In some cases, a person may be a risk to themselves or others and it becomes vital for a loved one to step in. In these situations, the court appoints a person as the guardian of the person and at times, their estate. If you have a loved one who is in need of a guardian, the right attorney can help you navigate the court system to make sure that your loved one gets the proper care and assistance they need.

Minor Guardianship

Similar to an adult guardianship, a minor guardianship may be necessary in cases where the parents of the child are no longer living or when a child inherits an estate. In these cases, the court may appoint a guardian for the child and his or her estate. Guardianship cases require annual accountings and reports to be prepared for the Court and may require bonds or other documentation throughout the proceeding.

Estate Planning

Having a plan for your estate will not only put your mind at ease but will ensure that your loved ones carry out your wishes after you die. Estate planning is for everyone and will protect the rights of your loved ones after you pass. Without a valid will or trust, your estate may be divided by the courts. This could result in your family home being sold and divided amongst the beneficiaries of your estate. With an estate plan, you are in control of how your property is distributed to your loved ones.