What is a Consultation?

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So, you've contacted a law firm, paid the consultation fee, and now you are set up for a time to discuss your case and specific circumstances with an attorney. Here are three things you can expect from your consultation:

#1: An Opportunity To Get Your Voice Heard

A consultation is your opportunity to get your voice heard and share your story with an attorney. Then, the attorney can more effectively present you with suggestions, information, and synthesize your circumstances with the existing law. Consultations are always confidential.

Prior to your consultation, write down specific questions you would like to ask the attorney. Are you seeking a divorce and have retirement benefits, but don't know whether or not your spouse will be granted a portion of those? Speak up and take advantage of the knowledge you have access to in your consultation through an attorney and make sure your questions are verbalized.

#2: In-Depth Case Analysis

Some attorneys will only hear general facts about your case in your consultation and then quote you a retainer price. At The Diggs Law Firm, we will provide you with an in-depth case analysis regarding your specific circumstances and the applicable law.

We will advise you of the court process, the options available to you – whether or not you choose our firm to represent you – and create a gameplan with you, for your case.

Try to be open minded when discussing these issues. At The Diggs Law Firm, you can trust that the attorney has your best interests in mind and wants to assist in establishing a realistic gameplan that favors you as much as possible, while staying within the standards of the law.

After we've established a game plan together, identified the key potential issues in your case and possible resolutions, we will discuss a retainer.

#3: Flexible Retainers and Payment Arrangements

A retainer is the amount a firm needs in order to be “retained” and get started on your case. Most firms need the full amount of a retainer in order to get started.

However, if you are working, we offer flexible retainer options and personalized payment plans which are uniquely tailored to each client's case and circumstances.

Come into your consultation with an idea of your current financial situation, in order to assist in the arrangement of the payment plan. This will ensure we are spending a majority of your consultation time discussing resolutions to your case, as opposed to money.

The Diggs Law Firm works hard to get hardworking peoples' voices heard in and outside of the courtroom. If you value our services and take your case seriously, we can likely find a payment arrangement that works for you.

Ready for your consultation? Get Your Voice Heard now: 312-380-1070.

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